Homing Pigeon Finds Second Home

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This is a rather sweet story of a homing pigeon who holidays at Renvyle House!

Around about this time last year, Ronnie Counihan (our GM) had a fairly unique little visitor.  This little visitor was a Homing Pigeon.   He chose to stay in the nook beside the generator outside Ronnie's office, and he stayed for a week.  (Not one of  the most glamorous parts of the hotel to choose to stay but he's a clever little fellow as it's quite cosy and located outside Ronnie's office so there was no chance of him being left without food.)  After a couple of days, Ronnie contacted the carrier pigeon association with the number on the tag.  This little fellow had travelled from Northern Ireland (our advertising campaign obviously worked very well for us!).  His owners said that he would make his own way back.

Sure enough, about 5 days later, after a relaxing break with good food and fresh Atlantic air, this little fellow made his journey north.

To my amazement earlier his week,  I noticed this little fellow had returned and taken up his 'regular' nook, he looked very relaxed and comfortable and enjoying the fine leftovers from Tim's kitchen.   I suppose he'll stay for his weeks holiday and head back up north all refreshed again.  I'm personally not a huge fan of pigeons but this little fellow is very cute, very well cared for both at home and here at Renvyle and it's such an endearing story.

We'll see what happens next year.  I don't know if he has a name, he has is a yellow tag with a number.  I suppose we should give him a pet name for his holidays.....any suggestions?

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