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Well, after weeks of collating information, gathering photos and the 'behind the scenes crew' at Bookassist working away, we can finally announce that our New Website is up and running.

Be mindful that it is still nearly 'brand new' so we will have a few tweaks or changes to do in the next week, but overall we are very happy with it and we think it represents what the Renvyle House experience is.  

We really hope you will like is also and we would love your opinion on it if you have a couple of spare minutes (rare these days!):

  • How easy is it to travel around the website
  • Can you find the information you need for planning your next break with us?
  • Is there something else we should have on it?
  • What would you like to see on the website if it's not there already?

Brian Ferguson commented on 07/10/11

Think it’s pretty good- maybe a few more photos- looked for more photos of fishing weekend which I attended last year and could find none. Otherwise good. Good luck with it!

Ann Marie Cornelison commented on 07/10/11

I will be visiting Renvyle House next week!
My family is coming from Tennessee, U S
and I am so glad your new website is up
so I can get a sneak peek

Looking forward to seeing you all next week

Ann Marie Cornelison

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