Renvyle House 1950’s Brochure

Renvyle House Brochure 1950's

Renvyle House Brochure 1950's

We had a guest with us last week, who is a regular at Renvyle House. This lady spent part of her honeymoon in Renvyle House in 1957 (although I found that difficult to believe as I would have placed her as a decade or two younger). This lovely lady had been spring-cleaning at home and came across a brochure from Renvyle House from the late 1950′s while on honeymoon and gifted it to us.

We're gathering quite a collection of memorabilia now, which is very interesting. The photos in this brochure are similar to those in the 1930′s brochure with one or two changes. The content is also slightly different. One particular photo that took my interest was the last one in the brochure, where there were individual garages for guests cars where the family apartments are now.

Click Here to view the 1950′s Brochure in PDF format Renvyle House Hotel 1950′s Brochure

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