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Reviews of Renvyle House

Somerville & Ross We have been continuing our research into reviews of Renvyle House Hotel for its 130 year celebrations.  Sommerville and Ross in their book "Through Connemara in a Governess Cart" 1893 have a lovely review of Renvyle House and courtesy of the the Bankcroft Library at the  Univeristy of California, Berkeley we are able to read the book online.  Renvyle House comes into their story from page 134.

Edith Sommerville, a novelist and her cousin and collaborater (Violet) Martin Ross between them published a series of fourteen stories and novels, the most popular of which were "The Real Charlotte", and "The Experiences of an Irish R. M." published in 1899.

Louise Culmer, reviews "Through Connemara in a Governess Cart" as follows
"Edith Somerville and Martin Ross's lively account of their journey through Connemara in the late 19th century. The book contains many vivid descriptions of the places they visit and the people they encounter, and there are some very humorous incidents. Somerville and Ross were well educated, upper class ladies, and their descriptions of the lower class characters they encounter are perhaps a touch condescending now and again, but at that date this is probably to be expected, and they are always good humoured."


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