The Gathering 2013

Families on the Renvyle Peninsula for the 1901 censusWe've heard some talk of a great reunion of Irish people from all around the world taking place in Ireland in 2013. 

This year long celebration is called 'The Gathering 2013'.  With 70 million Irish descendents worldwide this should make a great party!

The National Archives provide a great online service for you to check your lineage from the 1901 census and the 1911 census, this is free for your use - all you need is some time.  There are also geneology services which will be able to delve deeper into your family tree should you wish to find out more.

On the National Archives website there are features written on aspects of life in Galway and Connemara in the early 20th Century.  If you scroll down that link you will see information convering the Galway to Clifden Railway line which was built in 1895.  It also features information on the Marconi wireless and telegraph company which established the first commercial transatlantic telegraph service, connecting Clifden to Glace Bay in Nova Scotia in 1907.

Some of the families from the 1901 census on the Renvyle Peninsula include Blake, Connely, Coyne, De Morgan, Flaherty, Hare, Loughlin, Rane, Ribbon, Salmon, Kilcoyne, Heanue, Conneely, Faherty, Malley, Connolly, King, Cannon and Connis.

'House 1' in Rusheenduff was Renvyle House Hotel and there are details of all who were in the house the night the 1901 census was taken, their ages and their titles.

1901 Census Results for Renvyle House Hotel

The 1901 Census Page for Renvyle House Hotel  Click >> HERE


There is also a very interesting book on line for the Renvyle Blakes (1600 to 1700) - for any Blakes doing research.  Click >> HERE

We will be doing more research in the coming weeks but if you have time, enjoy looking into your family background in the meantime.



Conamara Sea Week, October 2011

Conamara Sea Week 2011

Conamara Sea Week 2011

An action packed week and more with all things maritime, music, literature, history, ecology and lots more.

This annual Festival has been running for over 20 years and always worth a dip into. It runs from October 21st to 31st, 2011 in Letterfrack, Connemara.

Click for Festival Programme ->Conamara Sea Week, October 2011 Programme

Bog Week 2011

Conamara Bog Week 2011

Conamara Bog Week 2011

May 27th to Jne 6th in Letterfrack and the Renvyle Peninsula
"A Festival comprising of music, cycling, walking, dancing and a hint of madness!Conamara is probably the largest area of outstanding beauty in the whole of Ireland. It is a complex area and we will be attempting to create a warm, nonthreatening space in which people can somehow touch this magical landscape."

With great walks and talks held at Renvyle House Hotel. Hotel residents can join the guided walk for free:
Thursday 2nd June, 9pm at Renvyle House Hotel: 'New Discoveries in Conamara' – a talk by Michael Gibbons (free admission)

Friday 3rd June, 11am at Renvyle House Hotel: a guided walk with Michael Gibbons, archaeologist. 15.00 to non-residential guests

Click here for more information –> Conamara Bog Week 2011 Programme

A snippet from last year's Festival: