Fishing in Connemara in the 1960’s

Renvyle House Fishing in Connemara Brochure
Renvyle House Fishing in Connemara Brochure

It's amazing how long a good Spring Clean of one's office can take. Especially, if you keep finding treasures such as the 1960′s brochure of 'Fishing in Connemara', to sidetrack you. A job I thought would take one day has taken quite considerably longer but I've a stash of interesting things and a much organised office now!

All statistics show that fishing in the Connemara area in the middle of the last century was very popular. It still is today, in fact figures show that as many fishermen (and women) come to Ireland as golfers. Imagine your visitors with such options as fishing for Brown Trout at Kankoige (near Ballyconnelly), Truska (north west of Lough Anaserd) or Whiskers Lough (opposite the gates of Bunowen Castle). This brochure is a font of knowledge and well worth having a look through. It also gives plenty of information on other interests in Connemara for those accompanying fishing enthusiasts but who may not be as enthusiastic. Activities such as Bird Watching, Beachcombing, Botany, Pony Trekking, Golf, Boating and more

I've scanned a PDF version of this brochure in two parts for you to have a look at: Fishing in Connemara Part 1 and Fishing in Connemara Part 2

Renvyle House 1930’s Brochure

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Old Renvyle Brochures
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Renvyle Old Brochure

Renvyle Old Brochure

A regular guest at Renvyle House gave us a tip-off on this old brochure of Renvyle House on sale on e-bay. The seller was from the UK. We're assuming the brochure is from the 1930's as it refers to the Galway to Clifden Railway which was in operation for forty years from 1895 to 1935. It also mentions that if you left Euston Station (London) at 8.45pm you would arrive in Renvyle House the next day at 2pm.

The main rooms in the house have not changed much since then, we are still keeping to the Arts & Crafts design of the late 1800's and early 1900's. To back up our assumption that this brochure is from the 1930's, on the Tariff sheet there are separate charges for Visitor's Servants' quarters. Mrs. Gogarty appeared to charge for everything!

It's also written very well with paragraphs starting: "Visitors desirous of being met at Clifden Station by the Hotel Servants should kindly advise the Manager in advance. A comfortable car for this purpose is provided by the Hotel, at a nominal charge."

Leisure facilities in the 1930′s included "Sea and Surf Bathing, Sands for Children, Ponies, Sea and Lake Fishing, Shooting, Beautiful Scenery, Tennis Courts" We hope you enjoy reading through it. We will have a pdf format of it available for anyone who would like a closer look, please email us for it.

You can view a PDF version the the 1930′s Brochure by clicking here >> Renvyle House Hotel 1930′s Brochure

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