Murder Mystery Weekend

Murder Mystery Weekend

THEME: The Renvyle Bequest  (A Murder Mystery in Two Nights)

The Story…….
Tarquin, Lord Renvyle, has been found drowned in his beloved “Rusheen Dubh Lake” on the grounds of his famous Renvyle House Hotel. Foul play is suspected as he was a very strong swimmer. The Tully Gardai is looking into the tragedy (something fishy here!).
All Lord Renvyle’s relations, friends, tenants, business associates and other people, who crawl out of the woodwork at the reading of a will, are gathered for Saturday night’s events.
As with all aristocrats, Lord Renvyle was no exception in his eccentricity, and so it is claimed that he has hidden a second will somewhere in the hotel’s public area. Whoever finds it will be rewarded.
A great many people are expecting a lot from this will, but some are not. Captain McDonagh just wants what he was promised by his friend, i.e., the old salmon rod and the late Earl’s dog, “Patch”, to whom he was so devoted.
As an eccentric aristocrat he has also stipulated that all persons attending the reading of the will on Saturday night should be wearing ‘Fancy Dress’, so a fun weekend is promised, but it could also be a lethal one!!!
So there you have it: tragedy, comedy, and enigma. Murder will take place, (you can be sure of that, if nothing else), but could it be you?
Good Luck!

Friday 20th & Saturday 21st November 2015

Trust nobody......keep your room locked at night.  Over victim may be one of you, perhaps more than one of you.  Follow the clues but watch out for false leads.  Interrogate everyone, even those within your group but make sure that the clues don't point to you!

The weekend will commence with a warm punch reception in the long lounge.  This will give guests a chance to get to know one another and to establish their credibility!  Dinner will then take place followed by entertainment in the bar.  Saturday morning will give guests a chance to use the extensive facilities on the grounds, mind you by now the numbers will be depleted.  A good sing along in the bar after evening meal will give you the chance to pick up more clues.

Sunday morning will allow survivors to congratulate themselves and their nerves of steel.  The guilty parties will be names and taken to Letterfrack Garda Station.  Prize giving will follow for our successful sleuths and fancy dress competition.

Two Night Package: €175 per person and includes

  • 2 Nights Bed & Breakfast
  • Dinner in our award winning restaurant on an evening of your choice
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Prizegiving.

Please phone us at 095 46100 or email us at for  more information


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