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Press Clippings

Recent coverage and reviews of the hotel and restaurant at Renvyle House Hotel & Resort


ORGANIC GARDENING MAGAZINE, USA, April / May 2014.  >>Click Here to read article


THE IRISH INDEPENDENT, Farmers Supplment, Tuesday 11th March, 2014 >>Click Here to read article


THE SUNDAY EXPRESS, Sunday 9th March 2014 >>Click Here to read article


 THE SUNDAY EXPRESS, Sunday 29th December 2013. >>Click Here to Read Review


 THE McKENNAS' GUIDES  '100 Best Places to Stay in Ireland' 2013 >> Click Here to Read Review


THE SUNDAY INDEPENDENT, Sunday 24th March, 2013 'Unique icon of resilience and renewal in the West' by Lucinda O'Sullivan >> Click Here to read the article

Irish Tatler, August 2012

THE IRISH TATLER,  August 2102.  'Into the West' by Corinna Hardgrave  >> Click Here to read the article


The Sunday Independent - Living Magazine

THE SUNDAY INDEPENDENT 'Living Magazine' July 2012: 'A Joyful Reunion in Rainy Galway' by Jody Corcoran >> Click Here to read the article


Press Clippings

The Sunday Express, Sunday 28th December 2013 by Gerard Henderson 'Ireland's Greatest Secret'

The Irish Times, Monday 1st April 2013 by Rosita Boland (An Irishwoman's Diary) 'A hotel with a history'

The Sunday Business Post byGillian Nelis, 17th February 2013

The Sunday Times by Móna Wise, 17th February 2013