Theatre Weekend

The Curlew Theatre Company presents four plays over the course of the weekend.

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Friday 9th to Sunday 11th March

One performance post dinner on Friday evening at 9.30 pm. There will be 2 performances on Saturday at 2.00 pm and 5.30 pm respectively and one on Sunday at 12 noon.

All of the plays are written by renowned poet and playwright Prof. Eamon Grennan and performed by Tegolin and Seán.

The play titles are as follows:-

1.    "The Muse & Mister Yeats" is a play for voices--performed by Tegolin Knowland and Seán Coyne, written and produced by Eamon Grennan.  It presents, one by one, the various women with whom W.B. Yeats was romantically involved, each one chosen in her turn as his "Muse"--inspirer and receiver, that is, of some of his best-known lyric poems. By voicing a number of these poems, and by presenting the women themselves offering their own comments on their various "situations," the play sketches a portrait of Yeats-in-love.  The critical book, W.B.Yeats and the Muses by the American Yeats scholar, Joseph Hassett, as well as various biographies were used as sources in the composition of this hour-long dramatic work.

2. “The Aran Islands” Between May 1898 and October 1901, John Millington Synge, a Dubliner, spent just under four months (accumulated over four separate visits) on Inishmaan, the middle island of the three Aran Islands lying off the West Coast of Ireland.  His first visit was in May-June, 1898; his second in September, 1899; the third in September, 1900; and the last one occurred in September, 1901.  From the diary and notebooks he kept while there, he composed his volume, The Aran Islands, completed in 1901, but unpublished until 1907.  It was in this same year, 1907, that his masterpiece, The Playboy of the Western World, caused riots when performed for the first time in the Abbey Theatre.  Having written a number of other plays (some of whose plots had their originating seeds in material in The Aran Islands), as well as prose pieces and a volume of poems, Synge died in 1909, at the age of thirty-eight.
Eamon Grennan (well known Irish poet) has taken a number of fairly representative moments from The Aran Islands and turned them into a kind of collage to represent as much as possible what the book is like and to give as best we can something of it's flavour.  We call this a "dramatic recital." That is because it is not a play, but it makes use of play-like elements. But perhaps the most important part is played by Synge's own narrative, and to get that across we've divided him into two separate voices - a female voice and a male voice, with the female voice (Tegolin Knowland) often being the more lyrical side of Synge and the male voice (Sean Coyne) the more factual side. Then there are other characters, both male and female, and these are played by Tegolin and Sean also. 
It is partly a romantic lyrical evocation of this wild place, partly a series of anecdotes, partly an almost anthropological study of the people’s lives, their habits, their folk-tales and so on. 

3. “The Loves of Lady Gregory”
Most Irish people know a bit about Lady Gregory, Anglo Irish, The Ascendancy, The Big House, The Abbey Theatre, Coole Park, Yeats.
Some even have read a bit or seen her plays. (The Rising of The Moon).  Since she lived from 1852 to 1932 she was a witness and participant in so much of our recent history. So what we do in this piece is try to touch on her private and public lives. Mostly we hope to let her tell some of her stories in her own voice.
As with our other ‘plays for voices’ the aim is to bring matters of Irish History and Irish Literature to a convincing human level because they speak to us in an immediate and human way.
In this piece also we use audio overvoice to colour our portrait, a small self-portrait of her ladyship.

4.      NORAMOLLYANNALIVIALUCIA - The Muse & Mister Joyce.
 Noramollyannalivialucia: The Muse & Mister Joyce is a one-woman “play for voices.”  In it, Joyce’s wife, Nora Barnacle Joyce, is living in Zurich, at the Pensione Neptune.  The time is around 1950, so she is in her 6o’s.  She is being visited by a group of people - the audience -who could be members of a “literary tour.”  They are, naturally, eager to hear something of Nora’s life with Joyce: its difficulties and its rewards, the sadness of their daughter’s illness, their relationship, her importance as “muse” (among other “muses”) to her husband in his work.  And she is pleased to satisfy their curiosity. 

 Eamon Grennan has used various biographies and the like in composing this little portrait of the artist’s wife as an older woman.  Interspersed in her memories are snatches from the works of her husband.  These are either spoken by her or are conveyed by means of audio over-voices (among them the voice of Joyce himself).

Weekend Price: €165 per person

  • 2 Nights Bed & Breakfast
  • 1 Dinner
  • 1 Bar Food Meal (Main Course + Tea/Coffee) 
  • and includes all 4 performances, on site facilities and nightly entertainment.

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