Biodiversity & Sustainability

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Biodiversity & Sustainability

We are passionate about biodiversity and sustainability and are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment by implementing by caring for the biodiversity and plan and implement effective green practices.

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Renvyle House is a historic country house located in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The surrounding landscape is rich in biodiversity, and is home to a diverse range of plants, animals, and habitats.

  • The estate covers an area of over 150 acres and is made up of a mix of a freshwater lake(EU designated SAC), 1km of shoreline, woodland, parkland, and meadow habitats. These habitats provide homes for a wide range of species, including many that are rare.
  • Woodland habitats on the estate include native oak and birch woodland, as well as coniferous plantations. These habitats are home to a range of bird species, including song thrush, robin, wren, and chaffinch. The woodland floor is also home to a variety of wildflowers, including bluebells, wood sorrel, and wild garlic.
  • The parkland and lakeside areas of the estate are home to a range of other mammal species, including otters, badgers, and hares. The grassland areas of the estate are also important for a variety of invertebrate species, including butterflies and moths.
  • The estate has also taken steps to enhance biodiversity through the planting of native trees, a native Irish orchard, rewilding the meadowlands and wildflower areas, and maintaining wetland habitats. These initiatives have helped to create new homes for a range of species, including dragonflies, frogs, and newts.
  • The Apiary at Renvyle House, with four hives, is home to the Native Irish Black Bee using Treatment Free beekeeping practices, producing 100% Pure Connemara Honey.

Overall, the biodiversity of Renvyle House estate is a valuable resource, and the estate plays an important role in conserving and promoting the natural heritage of the region.


We follow the process of monitoring, appraising and managing our waste, energy, water and carbon usage in order to reduce our impact on the environment

  • One of the main areas where Renvyle House has focused its sustainability efforts is energy usage. The hotel has installed energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the property and has also implemented a policy of turning off lights and electronics when they are not in use. Additionally Renvyle House source green energy where possible and is in the process of sourcing further renewable energy sources, including solar panels for the property.
  • Another area where Renvyle House has made sustainability a priority is in waste reduction. Food waste is monitored in order to minimize wastage.  The hotel has its own kitchen garden and apple orchards, providing some of the fresh herbs, salad leaves and fruit for our restaurant.   We support local and sustainable food production by sourcing ingredients from farmers and fishermen locally whenever possible. 
  • We reduce the usage of paper and plastics and use biodegradable or compostable products where possible.  Guest information is on the TV to reduce printing.  We have significantly reduced our single use plastics throughout operation.
  • We have provided Electric Car Destination Chargers for our guest’s convenience.
  • We have a native woodland application lodged to plant further native Irish trees on the estate.
  • We are part of the local Renvyle Beach Coastcare Group for Renvyle Whitestrand which is a Green Coast Awarded beach for 8 consecutive year and we assist with the administration and beach clean ups

Renvyle House continues to make a commitment to sustainability and is taking significant steps to reduce its impact on the environment.

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